Founded in 1959 by Brown & Sharpe Mfg. Co., B&S Tool and Cutter Service was one of three Factory Authorized Service facilities for all of their cutting tools. Not only did we satisfy our customers' sharpening needs, we became Brown & Sharpe’s "In Company Source" for short run specials (jobs not large enough for the big Manufacturing factory).

After a short time, Brown & Sharpe closed the other two facilities because they were not cost effective, and we became their only Factory Authorized Sharpening House.

Proving to be an asset to the company, Brown and Sharpe continued to expand and improve our facility up until they stopped manufacturing cutting tools in 1983. At that time, Fred Lindenau, with over 20 years working experience with Brown & Sharpe, purchased the business from them and continued to maintain the high quality workmanship that their customers were accustomed to.

Joining Fred in 1985 was his son, Thomas Lindenau, and together they have positioned B&S Tool and Cutter Service to be a competitive force for the future. In 1997 they purchased Jersey Saw Shop, to further expand their capabilities to include full service and sales of cold cut saws, friction saws, and segmental saws. In 1998 the first of two ANCA CNC Tool Grinders was purchased. Completely won over with the advantages of CNC grinding with coolant, a second ANCA was added a year later.

Now in the new millennium Fred and Tom are continuing to improve B&S for the future, and to always strive for total customer satisfaction.


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